Syria continues delaying and stalling

A spokesman for Walid al-Moallem, Syria’s foreign minister, said he had “responded positively” to the league demand, which was backed by the threat of sanctions, and sent a letter to the organisation’s chief Nabil Elaraby on Sunday night.

“In it, Syria accepts that the Arab League sends observers to monitor the situation on the ground in Syria. However, a source at the Arab League told Al Jazeera that. although the letter contained positive notes to build upon, it stops short of saying that the Syrian response was an outright acceptance.”

Al Jazeera’s Rula Amin in the capital Beirut said the Syrians want “some changes” and that they were more diplomatic in the way they were seeking them.

“They say they agreed to the protocol in principle [but] they want the measures that the Arab League took against Syria to be reversed,” she said.

via Syria ‘positive’ on Arab League monitors plan – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

More stalling from Syria. Until Arab League boots are on the ground, I have no trust that al-Assad’s government is doing anything but spewing hot air.  It’s the same reaction they had a few weeks ago to the last deadline.

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