Three Columns, Three Ways

I was looking at a friend’s site that is running Thirty Ten and it got me thinking. If it was this easy to create a three column theme with the content in the center, why not one that had the content on the left? Or the content on the right?

And then I thought, why not just give the user the option. So that’s what I’ve done. You now have the option of having the content on the left:

On the right:

Or the default center:

This option can be managed from the Thirty Ten settings page. Now you might be asking why didn’t I add this under the appearance menu? Well I wanted to make use of the WordPress Settings Api like I did in my Hitting an External Cron Plugin.  You can download an updated version.  Most of the pertinent changes are in the new options.php file.  Happy Theming and let me know if there are any more changes you want to see.

About Aaron Jorbin

Developer and teacher, Aaron speaks around the country on Open Source Software Development. Aaron is currently the Senior Interactivity Engineer for Privia Health where he is focused on building great user experiences. Formerly at AddThis where Aaron worked on publisher products used by fourteen million domains and one point three billion users every month. Aaron has contributed to WordPress and other open source projects including leading development of Phetric and slidedown.js. A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Aaron continues to be involved in higher education by serving as a simulation director for an international education conference. When not in front of his computer, Aaron can often be found with a glass of whisky or beer in his hand discussing international politics, sports and open source software.
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11 Responses to Three Columns, Three Ways

  1. Hi Aaron
    Thanks for the brilliant article and help. I want to edit your theme further and wonder whether it is better to add a child theme to your thirtyten theme or copy the thirtyten theme and edit it directly please?

    • Aaron Jorbin says:

      Unfortenetly you can’t create grand child themes. i would encourage you to create your own css in a plugin, and then use wp_enreque_style to add that in order to make any changes. Cheers.

  2. Dick Underwood says:

    I’ve adapted the ten ten theme and it’s created quite a large gap between header and the start of the body #Main
    I’ve been trying to sort it using Firefox and Firebug and changed everything that looks promising, but still can’t reduce the gap.

    Any ideas?


  3. John Lizotte says:

    Wow Aaron!!! This is exactly what i was looking for to use on my small business website! I love the twentyten theme, but needed 3 columns. I absolutely love you! lol. Thanks for making this available :o)

    I’m curious…Is it possible to change the links back to default colors easily? I’m fairly new to WordPress, but I can muddle my through code if given instructions fit for a newbie. lol.

    Great job! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

    Be well. ~ John

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  5. Ajit says:

    Hi Aaron –

    Your article on creating a Twenty Ten was *super helpful*!

    Question: how does one remove the Twenty Ten Header and Background options under the Appearance Menu. I haven’t been able to find the hook for it.

    Thoughts appreciated.



  6. Tony M says:


    Do I just copy all the files into the thirtyten folder?

    Thank you,
    Tony M

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