1 year with a vegetarian kitchen

Last year I set out a goal of keeping a vegetarian kitchen for all of 2016. As someone who loves to eat meat, but also knows that over consumption of meat is one of the leading causes of climate change, I figured this was one way that I could help the cause. Here is a couple of things I noticed:

  • I ended up falling back on a handful of meals. Stir fried veggies, breakfast tacos, and quesadilla became my go to meals.  In many ways, these have been my go-to meals for years, so the biggest difference is that I never included meat in them.
  • I barely used my slow cooker.  This is in part since I live alone and the majority of the time I cook it’s for just me. Lentils in the slow cooker are delicious, but I can’t eat them day after day. That reminds me, I still have some 3 bean chili in my freezer.
  • I was lax when it came to food I ordered in. If I continue with this, I think I may try to cut that down to veggie only as well.
  • I haven’t noticed a noticeable change in how I feel or my size from this.
  • If I would estimate, I still ate ~4 servings of meat a week during the time I didn’t travel.
  • 100 servings of meat for the year, which I did in 2010, was much harder.

I’m not sure if I am doing a good related challenge this year or not. I guess I should figure that out soon.


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