One week ago I bought a new top of the line phone for the first time since 2001 when the high end feature I wanted was “Vibrating alerts”. I’ve now had the galaxy nexus for a week and have gotten comfortable with it. Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Wow, it is fast. Starting applications is fast. Switching applications is fast. It is responsive and I rarely if ever feel like I am waiting. The connection to the internet is fast. 4G is nice for that. However, this does lead to:
  2. The battery leaves something to be desired. Between an hour-long public transit commute to work, some intermittent use at work, and a commute home, the battery is dead. I pretty much only have the option of charging it while at work, if I want it to be usable for a full day. I would not be surprised if I bought a second battery because of how poor this is
  3. Ice Cream Sandwich and some of the apps are still a bit rough around the edges. When on wi-fi, I’ve had a few times that an app will give me a “Can’t connect to the internet” message, while other apps work perfectly and a simple on/off fixes it for the affected apps. Hopefully this will be fixed as updates start to come out

Overall, I’m happy with my choice and look forward to continuing to get to know android and this phone.