Social media is broken for most of us. The myth of it being a democratic or meritocratic system isn’t holding up to scrutiny. We’re learning that it’s not the place to start thoughtful discussions, vet new ideas, or find complex solutions to niche problems. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wondrous place for serendipitous snark between celebrities, world leaders, and the public, but the majority of us are spectators.

Source: The Rise Of Community Lead Media – And Demise Of Social Networks

My buddy Cyrus, makes some really great points about Social Media and the fact that it really is a publishing platform, but one where he points out “…we can all publish, we aren’t promised that anyone is going to read or respond.”

I think his platform Kapuno aims to solve this problem where it’s less about who you are and more about what you have to say. I worry though that we are a world that values celebrity too much though and often times it is the who that matters.