In Chicago, I lived in one place for the first year of my life and a second place the rest of my time there. 

In Marquette, I had two dorm rooms in the same building, each for a year, and two apartments in the same building. The first for 2.5 years, the second for a semester. 

In Portland, I crashed on a friend’s couch for a month, then moved into a house where I stayed until I left.

In DC, I lived with Sarah for two months, then spent a month bouncing around homeless, then moved into an apartment where I stayed. 

NYC had been different. 1 month at an Airbnb, a year or so in a tiny studio on Thompson, 4 months with Erica, 1 month without Erica, 1 month in an Airbnb, and now my first day in Nolita. I feel like I haven’t stopped moving. As soon as I get settled, I am on my way again. Maybe it is the nature of the city. Maybe it is just who I am now.