A friend asked for e-reader recommendations and this was my response:

Paperwhite all the way. I charge it every few weeks, it works outside or in the dark. Whereas my iPad gave off so much light it would wake my former partner, the Paperwhite can be adjusted low enough that it wasn’t an issue. It is ver

The version w
ith ads is fine. I don’t find them overly disruptive (and if you end up finding them annoying, you can always pay to have them removed). I would encourage paying a bit extra for the 3g syncing. It’s nice to be able to buy a book from anywhere (like airports with shitty wifi). It also can be an emergency internet device if your phone dies.

Text heavy publications are better than image heavy publications on it. If you read books or publications with lots of graphs, charts or images, it might not be the best experience. It won’t be bad, it just won’t be as nice as in living color/paper.

Highlighting text is easy and it syncs with goodreads automatically.