One thing that I like about commuting versus working from home is that it gives me a specific buffer period where I can transition between working and not working. I use this buffer period to listen to music and podcasts and tend to go in phases where one is dominant.  Right now, podcasts are dominating.  Here is what I am currently listening to.

Girl Friday

Erin Gloria Ryan hosts a discussion that comes out every Friday that centers on the media, but especially woman’s experiences. The “Man Displeased” segment at the end helps show the comments that woman, but especially woman in the public eye, face.

All Songs Considered

NPR’s music podcast that introduces me to great music.

How I Built This

An interview by Guy Raz of NPR with someone that founded a company. It’s great to hear the stories of how companies that I respect came to be.

This Land Is Our Land

This started as a podcast focused on the trial of the Malheur refuge occupiers, but has also done a good job exploring land rights issues.


It seems to have gone on hiatus, but Cory and Matt do a great job of exploring what it means to be a leader, especially in the context of engineering leadership.

Post Status Draft

The one WordPress podcast I listen to.  Joe and Brian have a great discussion about both current events in the WordPress community and evergreen topics like teaching yourself.

99% Invisible

Taking its name from the phrase “Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.”, this podcast looks at the hidden parts of design and how they influence who we are.

Savage Lovecast

Dan Savage serves up great advice every week in the humorous way that he is known for.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

The NPR news quiz, in podcast form.  I dream of being a contestant or panelist.