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The year is coming to an end and I’ve spent the last 23 days successfully publishing something here each day. It hasn’t been easy. Some days it is as simple as seeing something online and being inspired, others I struggle with an idea all day, but I am guided by a couple principles.

  1. Always Press Publish. It’s easy to fall in the trap of wanting something to be perfect before you share it. It’s similar to the “one more feature” trap that hurts the ability for software to be released. By having a deadline of every single day something needs to be published, I force my self to understand that perfect is the enemy of complete.
  2. Press This is my friend. If I read something cool, I try to share it on my site.  Especially if it’s something I’ll want to reference later.
  3. My thoughts and opinions matter. Or at least they matter to me.  If they help someone else, that’s even better.  But I am ok with pressing publish because for me, at the time that I write something, know that my thoughts and opinions matter to at least myself.

If your goal is to blog more in 2017, those are the principles I used to blog more in 2016.

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