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an hour at MoMA on a Saturday

Stopped in for a quick walkabout as I wanted to get a picture of the bathroom. Walked through Sur moderno, the 80s-now, Energy, and projects 110.

Art and Themes

  • really liked Michael Armatige. Enjoyed the way he presented historical styles, like Pablo Picasso’s Les Desmoiselles D’Avignon in his world.
  • first time going into these new west side 1st floor galleries. I’m a fan. They were intimate and open. I can see some good shows happening here, either in the way it’s setup or as a combined gallery (though depending on walls, that may be difficult)
  • the latin/Dutch combination was very much on display.
  • love the downtown NYC room on 2. Jenny Holzer, Kieth Haring, Jeff Koonz and Basquiat all together.
  • the Haring has so much going on in it. Every time I see something new. Today: Mermaids!


  • bathrooms is seeming like it will be interesting. I kind of want to drop some in various locations
  • Geometric abstraction had a good showing in Latin America
  • In many ways, going to so many museums is my art education. I am self-taught, but I am also taught by the masters who’s work I see. I’m influenced by the curators and artists that make NYC

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