Bash punchcard

When are you using the command line? I use a python script and a change to my HISTTIMEFORMAT to keep track of when I am active on the command line.  Since I use vim, this means that every time I launch my text editor along with every time I run a command is recorded. This is my punch card since I got this computer in July, along with a punchcard of just commands that start with git and just commands that start with vim.

All commands
all git related commands
all vim commands

It’s interesting to see that I open Vim on Mondays much more than I commit code on Mondays. I think I need to spend some time figuring out how to make Mondays a day with more commits.

I first uploaded my bash punch card in 2012. I was much better at only working during the day then. I later did it in 2013 with both my personal and work computers.


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