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  • Thirty Four

    Thirty Four

    Today I’m still three years away from another prime birthday, but this is my ninth semiprime birthday and my ninth Fibonacci birthday.  That last Fibonacci birthday was a bit of a bigger deal though. I didn’t publish my post about thirty-three. I spent the day fairly exhausted after having my brother visit, and for a while when I […]

  • Aaron’s Rule for Better Meetings #6

    Aaron’s Rule for Better Meetings #6

    An addendum to my initial list of rules for better meetings. All Meetings where product decisions get made need to include a designer and an engineer. It’s important to provide multiple perspectives when making product decisions, and none of those decisions should be made without engineering and design having an opportunity to explain their perspective […]

  • My Three Headphone Strategy

    My Three Headphone Strategy

    For a few years, I’ve lived with what I call a three headphone strategy. It’s an understanding that I use headphones for multiple different purposes and it is near impossible to have a single pair of headphones that fit all purposes. I wear headphones while working, while on the go, and while traveling. On the […]

  • Testimonials for me

    Testimonials for me

    One fun part of migrating old content is discovering things I didn’t know I have.  Such as a testimonials page.  So ahead and add your own testimonial about me to https://aaron.jorb.in/testimonials/

  • Fall Conferences – PHP Madison and WordCamp NYC

    Today I get to announce two conferences that I’m speaking at this fall. The first is here in NYC and is the 2015 WordCamp NYC.  I’ll be giving a talk entitled: Lessons from Science Fiction and Fantasy we can use in Creating Websites.  Here is a short synopsis. Science Fiction and Fantasy can teach web […]

  • Thirty Two

    For the fifth time, I’m an integer power of 2. I don’t remember much (or anything) from when I was 2, but I’m sure I was excited to play with trains. I also don’t have many memories of being 4, but I know I attended the Niles Park District pre-school and owned pretty awesome linen […]

  • I’m a gif star

    My buddy Rami created the above gif featuring me. I can now check gif star off on my bucket list. Thanks Rami!

  • Five Years of Contributing to WordPress Core

    Five years ago today, my first patch was accepted to WordPress core. Oh how the time has flown. This last year has been one of my most exciting years as a part of the WordPress contributor community. At the end of September, I was given commit access to WordPress Core. I was excited to join […]

  • PHP UK – Here I come!

    In just about two months, I’ll be making my international speaking debut when I present “Modernizing the WordPress Toolbox” at the 10th Annual PHP UK conference in London. I’ll be talking about how updated we have updated the WordPress toolbox and build process from what would be considered antique at best.  I’ll also talk a bit about […]

  • One Year Ago Today I got on a train

    I ran around in a blur most of December 5, 2014 finishing packing, shipping boxes and cleaning my home for three years.  It took longer then I expected (though I remember to this day having great customer from USPS) to finish all my tasks and as I sat in my Uber on my way to Union […]