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  • Video Captioning

    I’ve given a couple of talks this year that I’m hesitant to promote since they don’t have captions.  After a lot of thought, I’ve realized that the likelihood of me doing the captioning is low (low, low, low, low, low) so it makes sense to hire someone.  Anyone have experience hiring a captioner or a […]

  • Bloggings effect on my site traffic

    Last week I was at WordCamp San Francisco and the accompanying community summit and team work days. Despite my constant focus on WordPress, I didn’t publish anything here. In the week leading up to WordCamp, I published six blog posts about a large variety of areas from a technical tip to a book recommendation. The […]

  • Take off and Landing

    The first time I flew was when I was five years old and I went to Florida with my mom and brother to visit my great-grandparents. I ended up with an ear infection on that trip and decided that I was never going to fly again.  Fast forward 26 years and I’ve taken double digit flights […]

  • Hello iPhone 6

    On a winter night in late 2011 I picked up a zipcar and drove to Best Buy to take the Android plunge, picking up the Galaxy Nexus. It was the first time I had a top of the line smartphone.  For the previous few weeks, I was using an old iPhone 3g a coworker had given […]

  • Challenge Accepted

    At WordCamp Lancaster 2014, I set out to challenge myself with a crazy idea. Overall, I think it went pretty well. At least the tweets seemed to be positive @aaronjorbin Well you certainly have oration down. Well done! — Casey Driscoll (@caseydriscoll) March 1, 2014 Mini-talks from @aaronjorbin are really useful and informative. #WPLanc — […]

  • Accessability Camp Bay Area 2014

    I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a part of the inaugural Accessibility Camp Bay Area 2014.  I’ll be leading a session entitled “Web Accessibility on a Time Budget”.  We will be discussing how to prioritize and implement accessibility improvements in the real world where time is a common concern. If you are in the Bay Area, you […]

  • A Crazy Idea…

    I just submitted a proposal to a WordCamp for a talk I’m calling “Aaron Struck by Lightning”. It is an experiment in challenging myself and in giving real time choice to the audience as to what they learn next. Here is the basic summary I submitted: 6 talks, all five minutes long. The first one […]

  • Aaron’s Rules for Better Meetings

    Meetings are Toxic. One of the most shared links among tech teams. In general, developers realize that meetings are not the place to get work done. In order to make meeting suck less, I’ve come up with a few simple rules. I generally define a meeting as something on my schedule for me and at […]

  • Empire State of Mind

    My life was incredibly different in July of 2010 when I moved to Washington DC. At that time, I had been a freelance web developer for a few years and had just begun contributing to WordPress (and open source in general). Three and half years later and I’ve contributed close to sixty patches to WordPress, […]

  • Bowtie and Blackhawks