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  • Empire State of Mind

    My life was incredibly different in July of 2010 when I moved to Washington DC. At that time, I had been a freelance web developer for a few years and had just begun contributing to WordPress (and open source in general). Three and half years later and I’ve contributed close to sixty patches to WordPress, […]

  • Bowtie and Blackhawks

  • Tweet Punchcards

    I might have a small obsession with punchcard graphs lately. I built them for my bash history and posts on this site.. I recently downloaded my twitter archive, so I decided to build some punch card graphs with that. All Tweets I figured that this would be a good way to see if there was […]

  • Punch Card of posts on this site

    After building punch card of my bash history earlier today, I thought it would be interesting to build one of my posting history on this blog.   I had no idea I posted on Monday so much.  The times are all Pacific (since that is where I started my site), so I have a feeling […]

  • Updated Bash History Punchcard

    A few months ago, I discovered Bash History Punch card graphs.  It’s an interesting way to visualize when you do the most work. Here are two updated cards for me showing my personal laptop and my work laptop.  

  • Elect Aaron Jorbin Pope

    Today, Pope Benedict XVI announced an extraordinary move and became the first pope since Celestine V in to voluntarily abdicate the papal office. On this day, I would like to formally announce my candidacy for Pope. Now you may be wondering why me, a non catholic, would want to be pope. The answer is easy. […]

  • Brown dominate, but still colorful.

    Multicolored shirt, green/silver/brown tie, brown sweater

  • Failure is a gift

    [blackbirdpie url=”″] This reminds me of getting rejected for the first job I applied for in DC.  It was the first interview I ever had with a web development agency for a fulltime position.  Getting the rejection email devastated me. I was ready to accept that I was such a failure, that I would never be able […]

  • Double Sided Tie: Colors of my Jr. High

    Blue and Gold double sided bow tie tied blue across, gold in the center on a gold shirt with a blue sweater My junior high’s colors were Blue and Gold.  Today’s tie/shirt/sweater combo would have worked great back then for when we dressed up for wrestling meets.  

  • Green and Gold, Bow and Shirt

    In honor of my Alma Mater. Green Shirt, Yellow Bowtie, camel coat and green square in the pocket. Should of been a Wild Cat. OOH, AH!