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  • The story behind my #wpkeralaphotos runner up photo

    The story behind my #wpkeralaphotos runner up photo

    Driving on a mountain road towards a coffee farm over the weekend, I received exciting news: the Kerala WordPress Photo Festival had selected one of my submissions as a runner-up. The chosen photo marked the first occasion I had used my tripod, so it’s a special one to me. This photo was taken along the…

  • The Album I Kept Coming Back to in 2023

    In a review by NME, this album was described as “…the blueprint for any alt-leaning electronic act in the pop space.” That’s a promising intro to an artist who helped define the alt-leaning electronic scene nearly 30 years ago with a song that peaked at number 2 on the Billboard hot 100. Everything but the…

  • Grammy Winner Playlist

    Lots of the Grammy’s are in categories I don’t normally listen to. In pursuit of the everpresent goal of expanding my listening, here is a playlist with the winners of nearly all the music-related winners with the exceptions of Christian music and classical. Nearly 30 hours of music in total.

  • Art I’ve made so far this year

    Art I’ve made so far this year

    I think the art that I am most proud of is Variations on A Theme – Island Verde, the four-part series I shared earlier this month, but there is other work I did as well that I’m happy with. Like most of my art, this is a mixed bag of digital and analog and something…

  • 1994 has an argument to be one of the greatest years in music history

    I saw this article on NME about all the albums turning 30 this year and realized that they include some absolute bangers. While the album is only OK, Coolio’s Fantastic Voyage is a 1994 song that gets me moving whenever I hear it.

  • Variations on a theme – Isla Verde

    Variations on a theme – Isla Verde

    Four different representations of the same place with different levels of machines and human decision-making and interactions. 18:30, almost sunset, looking east on the Isla Verde beach. 21 January 2024. Boomer.Before.Arts is a fitting three words for where I sat. Which one do you prefer?

  • Drawings, Sketches, and Paintings from the last six months

    I didn’t think I had actually done a good job of making art since I started traveling, but looking back at these I can see I haven’t been too bad. This is a mixture of digital art, generally based on either a sketch or a photo I took, along with physical art that is mostly…

  • The Flying Train of Wuppertaler

    The Flying Train of Wuppertaler

    The Wuppertal Schwebebahn was a unique site. In addition to making it easy to get around town, it also provided some good views. Thanks Felix Arntz for suggesting I visit.

  • Layers of Memories

    Layers of Memories

    Cemeteries are the final place where generations will often overlap. The place where time overlaps grow the longer we look at them. Like museums where at first 10 years tell 100 stories, but given the timeline, 100 years tell 3 or 4. This started as a photo, but human decisions about which and where algorithms…

  • Infrared Upper East Side

    Infrared Upper East Side

    Spent part of my Sunday walking through central park with both my infrared and standard light cameras. The upper east side around the Guggenheim captured my eye. Here are a couple of different angles. All photos shot with a 590nm converted Nikon d5000.