Category: Art

  • Park Sketches

    It’s ridiculously warm in NYC right now. Unseasonably. Washington Square Park was as packed as you would expect. Sat on the south east edge of the fountain area with my pens and pencil. Noticed that my moji fountain pen is out of ink, but still had plenty of options. A couple. He was more interested […]

  • It was going well…

    Until I took a bit too much ink on my brush. I’ve got an idea for how to salvage this piece and I’m not too worried since I can always paint a new one with this original vision, but damn if I wasn’t a bit angry with myself when this happened. All in all though, […]

  • Untitled (bow tie  crosshatch)

    Untitled (bow tie crosshatch)

    ink on mi-teintes paper january 2020

  • Productivity

    I’ve been fairly productive the last few days. Continued working on crosshatching #3 and it’s now 75% complete. Really happy with how it’s looking and thinking this design could make a really cool print. I was super excited for the plotter, but then I haven’t even set it up. I think it’s due to art […]

  • Crosshatching

    The past few nights I’ve been working on some ink crosshatch paintings. These have been a lot of fun to do, in part since I can get them done relatively quickly and there is less waiting for paint to dry. I wonder if I am going to feel the need to change mediums every once […]

  • Between The Clock and The Bed

    Between The Clock and The Bed

    I had a hard time sleeping last night, so at 3 a.m. I started revisiting my take on In Between The Clock and The Bed, something I hadn’t given both too little and too much thought to in the last year. I started completely from scratch using a medium that I’m only beginning to understand. […]

  • 3 Galleries on a Saturday

    I went up to the Upper East Side to visit a few galleries. It’s a little weird since you need to be buzzed in to many of these and I always wonder if I look “enough” like someone who visits art galleries, especially when I’m walking around in paint and ink-stained jeans like I was […]

  • Flower study #4

    Worked some more on my flowers using a much more single chromatic approach than the last few studies. Also cut up some canvas and sewed it together in order to add the depth I was seeking. When I go for my actual painting here, I think I am going to want to have a few […]

  • In Progress

    Currently working on three separate projects/ideas. It’s a bit distrating having so much art in progress and easy to not make progress on any of them. Abstract/Narrative – I have some ideas for improving the handwriting. One is using a plotter, which I’ve thought about getting multiple times in the past but finally pulled the […]

  • Abstract/Narrative

    My working title for a series of ink-based pieces I’ve been doing is “Abstract/Narrative”. I’m starting to like where I’m going with these, but I’m still not in love with my execution. I wish my handwriting was better. I might have to try other ways of getting the text on there.