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  • My Mom’s Challah

    My Mom’s Challah

    My mom’s contribution to most family meals outside of Passover (She made the Charoset) was to make the challah. The only written version I know of is from a PTA cookbook at my elementary school. I think this was put together as a fundraiser. My mom was later the president of this PTA. I’m publishing…

  • Patty Melts

    One of the greatest food items is the patty melt. It's a burger, it's a sandwich, it's delicious. As great dinner sandwiches go, it is hard to beat the patty melt The Crispy Decadence of the Patty Melt The patty melts deliciousness comes from the fact that's it's only four components. Rye bread, hamburger, Cheese,…

  • 1 year with a vegetarian kitchen

    1 year with a vegetarian kitchen

    Last year I set out a goal of keeping a vegetarian kitchen for all of 2016. As someone who loves to eat meat, but also knows that over consumption of meat is one of the leading causes of climate change, I figured this was one way that I could help the cause. Here is a…

  • A story, in 4 beers

    For many, 2016 was  But the new year gives us a chance to and have some For if we try, 2017 will be

  • Chups

    My friend Kori has been working on a series of fruit ketchups called Chups. Last month I ordered three of them to check them out and was really impressed with the packaging that they came in. It all seemed well thought out. Simple outer packaging, but the sticker let’s me know what is inside

  • United Noshes DC – Cameroon Dinner

    Last night I went to United Noshes a series of dinner parties to benefit the World Food Program USA. At each United Noshes event, Jesse and Laura prepare the cuisine of a UN member nation. For country number thirty-one, Cameroon, they took the show on the road and cooked in DC. The food was interesting.…

  • Grilling Pictures

    Spent the weekend grilling with some friends. While Nacin worked the grill I took some pictures. My macro lens allowed for some pretty cool shots. I really like how the fire turned out.

  • Springtime Stir Fry

    I got my first box from Washington Green Grocer today and the first thing I made is a stir-fry with broccoli, carrots, red cabbage and spring garlic. I seasoned it with just a bit of sesame oil and soy sauce. Absolutely delicious. Sidenote: Red cabbage should really be called purple cabbage, since that’s the color…

  • My adventure making Apple Pie Bitters

    For the second time, I’ve set out to make my own bitters. This time I’m making a few different varieties, and I bottled the first of them over the weekend. Apple Pie Bitters. If you’ve never made your own bitters, it is as complex or simple as you want it to be. You can put…

  • Old Fashioned with Homemade Apple Pie Bitters

    I bottled my apple pie bitters tonight and made an old fashioned with them. A bit more bitter than I was aiming for, but the essence of apple pie definitely comes through. Bottled up, with rye and sugar ready for an old fashioned.