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  • Why I don’t read the @washingtonpost

    If they can't properly configure an SSL certificate, how can I trust the content? Want to see some failure for yourself? Visit The Washington Post so you to can not read anything.

  • Bike Lanes are for Bikes

    A guy in NYC got a ticket for riding his bike not in the bike lane. His reaction was to make this video showing what happens when you ride your bike only in the bike lane. Make sure to watch till the end.

  • RFS: Music

    This is an RFS, or Request for Suggestions for music.  Tomorrow is a hackathon at work and I’m going to spend 24 hours working on something fun.  I need some music to power me through those small hours of the morning.  I’m looking for something with a good beat.  If you let me know a […]

  • Tech Still Sucks

    There are very few teams that I enjoy seeing humiliated, but I have to say that seeing Michigan Tech have a shorthanded goal scored on them from 195 feet away made me smile.  It just goes to show that no matter the time, Tech Still Sucks. The only thing that could have made this better […]

  • Pet

    I can have pets in my current apartment. I don’t think I have the time to house train a dog, so I’m thinking about something else. Perhaps a pygmy goat? Anyone have a good idea for a pet?

  • Cool tool for checking out how text looks based on all of the fonts you have on your computer.  Makes me wonder if maybe it’s time to change my logo.

  • The Slippers make me want to scream KJHLKAJHDIAUSHDLIAUSHD

        The basic design of the Star Wars Chewbacca slippers is that it covers the half of the top part of your feet, with material that looks like fur and has a little wookiee on top of the part that covers the top half of your feet. The Star Wars Chewbacca slippers come in […]

  • What you are looking at

    So as you may have noticed, this site is a work in progress. Expect changes. some subtle, others less so.