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  • Accessability Camp Bay Area 2014

    I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a part of the inaugural Accessibility Camp Bay Area 2014.  I’ll be leading a session entitled “Web Accessibility on a Time Budget”.  We will be discussing how to prioritize and implement accessibility improvements in the real world where time is a common concern. If you are in the Bay Area, you […]

  • Profiling WordPress made easy with Varying Vagrant Vagrants

    Varying Vagrant Vagrants provides a setup of WordPress that is ripe for you to start profiling the PHP WordPress and your themes and plugins runs. The combination of xdebug, Webgrind, and a simple chrome extension will have you looking at the PHP performance. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to get going. To […]

  • A Crazy Idea…

    I just submitted a proposal to a WordCamp for a talk I’m calling “Aaron Struck by Lightning”. It is an experiment in challenging myself and in giving real time choice to the audience as to what they learn next. Here is the basic summary I submitted: 6 talks, all five minutes long. The first one […]

  • Aaron’s Rules for Better Meetings

    Meetings are Toxic. One of the most shared links among tech teams. In general, developers realize that meetings are not the place to get work done. In order to make meeting suck less, I’ve come up with a few simple rules. I generally define a meeting as something on my schedule for me and at […]

  • Speaking at AccessU on Open Source and Accessibility

    Next month I’ll be speaking at AccessU on Open Source Tools for Building Accessible Websites. I’m excited to share my love of two things: Open Source Software and Accessibility. Accessibility to me is a core subject area that all front end developers and designers need to be thinking about. Open Source Software powers the internet. […]

  • Introducing Punchcard.py

    If you haven’t noticed, I like punchcard graphs.  I like them so much, I have a script that to generate them.  I’ve now released this script for everyone to use. Punchcard.py is simple to use and I hope you find it useful.  It accepts a stream of unix timestamps and creates a punchcard graph. It […]

  • Library’s to play with

    I’ve starred a bunch of libraries on Github lately and look forward to giving them a spin when I get a chance.  Anyone played with any of these yet? Stately Stately is a symbol font that makes is easy to create a map of the United States using only HTML and CSS. Each state can […]

  • epeli/underscore.string · GitHub

    Javascript lacks complete string manipulation operations. This an attempt to fill that gap. via underscore.string · GitHub. One of the most useful libraries for me is Underscore String. It has a lot of functions that fill in missing pieces related to string manipulation. And it uses the easy peasy underscore syntax.

  • The Post-PSD Era – A Replacement for Mockups

    First, I would go read these two articles. The first one, by Brad Frost, identifies many of the problems and traps of creating mockups with Photoshop. The Post-PSD Era. The second, by Dan Mall, points out where the root of this problem lies. The Post-PSD Era – A problem of expectations I’m going to agree […]

  • dcjq[16] – Tools for Automatting your front end development workflow

    I reprised my talk from WordCamp Boston 2012 at the 17th DC jQuery Meetup. It wasn’t recorded, but you can check out: The slides from my presentation A post where I go over most of the content I covered in the presentation You can also watch my previous presentation below.