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  • Failing Gracefully | UX Magazine

    In the process of Error -> Recognition -> Adjustment, we must do two things: Provide helpful error responses throughout the application Make errors seem less like failures on the user’s end and more like cues for adjustment. via Failing Gracefully | UX Magazine. All the great advice I ever read about dealing with user errors […]

  • Architecture is…

    architecture is the art of simplification.complexity arises from failure to grok the big picture and lack of ownership. or incompetence. — the tao of stoo (@the_tao_of_stoo) July 31, 2012

  • Four ways I’ve used PhantomJS

    PhantomJS is a program that gives you headless interactions with a browser. Essentially it’s a fully scriptable web browser. I’ve found it to be a valuable tool and have thus far used it four different ways. Unit Testing my JavaScript. This way my unit tests run in an actual browser. Automated looking at an actual […]

  • Designing For and Supporting Older Users

    If the user is rather more ‘experienced’ in life and on the other side of middle age, it’s quite easy for us to attribute an error to their age rather than say their actual cognitive ability. But is there actually any science here? Or is it all ageist garbage? via 4 ways to support an […]

  • Invaluable command line tools for web developers

    A basic overview of Curl, Siege and Ngrep, all tools that come in handy for web devs. Invaluable command line tools for web developers.

  • Automating your front end development workflow

    We all have a workflow. In fact, we all have many of them. Human beings are creatures of habit. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman describes our use of intuition to remember the steps in our workflows and the order of our workflows. When we wake up, we get out of bed, […]

  • Bash History Punchcard

    My friend Drew turned me on to a small hack to my history file that allows me to see a github style punchcard of when I am most active. Checkout Bash History Punchcard on github and make sure to add export HISTTIMEFORMAT=’%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S – ‘ to your bash config to make it work. My punch […]

  • A list of HTML and JavaScript based slide shows

    Since I have used HTML and JavaScript based slides for a couple of years, I often get asked what the options for HTML and JS based slides are. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but should be enough to get you started if you want to checkout the options for building slide shows […]

  • Tools I love: autolint and autojump

    I love tools that enable me to develop better and faster. Vim has been my editor of choice for about two years and thus I consider the command line to be my IDE. Two recent additions to my flow have been autojump and autolint. autojump Drew Stephens turned me on to autojump. It learns the […]

  • IRC Notifications from a remote machine to my mac

    For IRC, I like to use Irssi on a server that I can always keep running and log into no matter what machine I am on. One of the initial challenges with doing this was getting notifications on mentions. I solved this by following the tutorial on Irssi, screen, fnotify and Growl on OSX. The […]