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  • Netcat cheat sheet

    So far I’ve only used netcat for testing Phetric but this cheat sheet shows how to use it for port scanning, sending files and a few other nifty ways. Netcat cheat sheet | Ack Ack.

  • Two Chrome Extensions I’ve Started Using

    I’ve started using two chrome extensions lately.  Both are pretty simple and are designed to make one thing easier. The first is The Png Project which makes it so that on any Noun Project page, you can download the image as a png.  I used it when I made Aaron Jorbin in 2011. The second is […]

  • Real Time Search and Social Analytics

    Over at AddThis, we just released an expanded version of our Live View Analytics. We now are bringing together what was multiple screens of live data in to a single live view. This was a pretty fun project. The server generates a stream of data that we then use client side to render all of […]

  • Why be clean, when you can use Node Dirty

    During my presentation at WordCamp Philly, one of the people in audiance asked me what (JavaScript) libraries I like and I rattled off a few of them.  I thought it would make more sense to start writing them down and sharing them.  I’m going to start things off with a library that I use for […]

  • Accessibility Camp DC 2011

    Last year, I went to Accessibility Camp DC 2010 and afterwards said: Before hand, I knew just a little bit about accessibility, but I’m happy to say that I walked out with a ton of new knowledge and a desire to keep learning on the subject. I’m happy to say I did keep learning and this continued […]

  • Big Data DC #3

    Two enterprise big data consulting companies presented about the architecture they use for processing and storing at the third Big Data DC meetup.  Much like the first and second meetups, the common thread seemed to be the decisions that the engineers made to optimize certain aspects over others. First up, Joey Echeverria who works for Cloudera, talking about using HBase […]

  • Big Data DC meetup #2

    For the second time, a group of bright and talented developers gathered at clearspring to discuss Big Data.The first Big Data DC meetup had a great turnout. Rather then write up a summary, I decided to check out storify and build my first one for the meetup. Once again all of the talks were great. […]

  • Dancing and Coding

    Two weeks ago I switched to primarily standing at work.  I’ve found that while my foot are kind of sore by the end of the day, (though I’m hoping the barefoot shoes I just ordered help with that).  I also have definitely noticed an increase in the amount of dancing I do while coding.  My coworkers can attest […]

  • Debuging for WordPress

    WordCamp Raleigh 2011 featured me talking about how to Debug in WordPress and how to file a bug report for WordPress.  I talked about a number of tools that make debugging easier that everyone should check out.  These tools are: Xdebug – make your php errors look better and easier to fix Log Deprecated Notices […]

  • The first Big Data DC meetup

    At work I deal with a lot of data (i.e we deal with as much data in a day as the library of congress collects in a month) . Part of my job is making that data presentable to to publishers.  I don’t deal with the actual storing of the data ( for that we […]