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  • Random Thoughts on… Travel and WordCamps

    Random Thoughts on… Travel and WordCamps

    While looking at the list of WordCamps that I’ve spoken at, it got me thinking about travel and going to WordCamps away from home. Here are some random thoughts on that matter. In General, I think it’s best for local camps (i.e. not specialized events like WordCamp for Publishers or regional camps like WordCamp US) […]

  • Why I love Captioning for Conferences

    Why I love Captioning for Conferences

    If #srccon was Happy Days, the transcribers would be the Fonz. Total breakout characters. All conferences should have them. — Aaron Jorbin (@aaronjorbin) July 26, 2014 I had been to conferences with live transcription before, but SRCCON 2014 was my first time seeing them at a mainstream conference. The transcription services even inspired a battle […]

  • Random Thoughts on…WordPress?

    I wasn't sure how to title this one. I went to the WordPress NYC "Help Desk" meet-up on Wednesday and learned a lot about things users of WordPress are struggling with.   So I guess in some ways it is random thoughts on me learning more. The biggest thing people struggle with is themes they […]

  • Random Thoughts on my email norms

    Random Thoughts on my email norms

    Over the years, I’ve sent a few thousand emails.  Less than some, more than others and I’ve developed a handful of normative behaviors in the process that others may find useful. My default on a group conversation is to always reply all.  Communication is oxygen and I figure it is best to error on the […]

  • Random thoughts on one month of daily publishing

    Random thoughts on one month of daily publishing

    On December 9th I published Random Thoughts on Selecting Speakers for conferences. I didn’t realize it then, but I was on my way to a streak of daily publishing. Here are some random thoughts and stats about the experience: Always Press Publish, which I thought was going to be a throwaway New Years Eve post ended […]

  • Tim Raines deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

    “This is probably the first year that I really, really feel like I have a chance,” said Raines, who played for the Chicago White Sox from 1991-95. “I was 23 votes away last year. Up until that point I thought about it, when people asked me about it, and the only thing I wanted to […]

  • The Rise Of Community Lead Media – And Demise Of Social Networks

    Social media is broken for most of us. The myth of it being a democratic or meritocratic system isn’t holding up to scrutiny. We’re learning that it’s not the place to start thoughtful discussions, vet new ideas, or find complex solutions to niche problems. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a wondrous place for serendipitous snark between […]

  • Review: Birth Junkies

    I recently read Birth Junkies: Labor Support and Resistance in American Birth which is available free in pdf form. Going in, I knew very little about doulas or birthing support outside of the recent american tradition of hospital based OB/GYN doctors. That changed right away as I worked through this ~100 page anthropological investigation. Much of […]

  • Where We Design

    Where We Design is a cool blog that looks at the offices of various creative places. While I think no office is definitely better then yes office since it allows for people to work wherever they are most comfortable and can be the most productive, some of these places certainly are great looking spaces hat […]

  • Avoiding easy | Andrew Spittle

    if a feature or product were legitimately easy the user would not be writing in to support about how stuck they are. … The best support is a conversation. The best support happens when a user learns how to do something new and you learn about how your product can be better. via Avoiding easy […]