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  • My friend’s Dads

    I can’t say I knew John well, but his son has been a part of my life for half of it and for so much of that, my best friend. I can’t even say I knew John well, but his presence in my life provided a fewstrong and distinct memory. Dan became a friend that […]

  • Four Short Things – 16 February 2019

    Inspired by O’reilly’s Four Short Links, here are some of the things I’ve seen, read, or watched recently. Git for Ages 4 and Above My friend Adam recommended this talk as a good deep dive into git. One thing I often preach is the importance of understanding the tools you use on a regular basis. […]

  • Public Discussion in Open Source

    As slow and cumbersome as public discussion can be, it’s almost always preferable in the long run. Making important decisions in private is like spraying contributor repellant on your project. No serious contributor would stick around for long in an environment where a secret council makes all the big decisions. Furthermore, public discussion has beneficial […]

  • PHP7.3 and WordPress

    PHP7.3 and WordPress

    I just upgraded this site to use PHP7.3.  So far, I’m not noticing any changes (which I would say is a good thing), but I’ll keep my eyes on my error log.  I know that there is one open issue with WordPress that will flood my error logs. Something that makes me proud of WordPress […]

  • Four Feeds I’m Reading Right Now

    I’ve some a semi-annual pruning and searching on my RSS feed.  Here are some of the feeds I find valuable as a developer, engineering manager, and person.  Daniel Bachhuber – I’ve known Daniel for years, and his feed focuses on things that are important to him. It’s not a single topic site by any means, […]

  • A timeline of thought when someone blows off your meeting

    A timeline of thought when someone blows off your meeting

    Yesterday: “That’s an interesting idea. Let’s discuss it during a meeting tomorrow”. Send out an email with one paragraph on the idea so they are prepared to discuss it. Meeting scheduled for noon. 11am:  I have a meeting in an hour. That’s enough time for me to make some good progress on this ticket. 11:45am: […]

  • Thirty Five

    Thirty Five

    This is my fifth tetrahedral number birthday and me second consecutive semi-prime birthday. As a multiple of five, it’s also a “round number”. Thirty Four was a year that I continued my growth as an artist. I regularly painted, sketched, and played with colors and shapes. I’ve started experimenting with block printing, and set up […]

  • Patty Melts

    One of the greatest food items is the patty melt. It's a burger, it's a sandwich, it's delicious. As great dinner sandwiches go, it is hard to beat the patty melt The Crispy Decadence of the Patty Melt The patty melts deliciousness comes from the fact that's it's only four components. Rye bread, hamburger, Cheese, […]

  • I’m proud to be a card carying member of the ACLU

    I’m proud to be a card carying member of the ACLU

    Friends, join the ACLU as they fight to ensure the constitution of the United States is upheld.

  • Commit Messages are about Intent

    Commit Messages are about Intent

    Commit messages are user experience for developers.  Both for other developers active right now and for developers (including ourselves) days/years/months from now. Think about the last time you were looking at a piece of code and asked yourself “Why is this here”.  This is for you, this is your experience. I shared my four rules […]