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  • Omnivore normative behavior

    When reading about responsive web design, you’ll often come across the term “Hamburger Menu” and it will sometimes make me hungry. But it won’t make everyone hungry. It won’t make vegetarians hungry.  Nor pescetarians. We live in an omnivore normative society where the assumption is often made that meat eating is normal and all else is the […]

  • Library to fix mistypes

    As someone who misspells and mistypes things all the time, I’m looking forward to trying the fuck. The creator describes it as: Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command. I already have aliases for some of my screwups, but hopefully this compliments it.

  • aaron.jorb.in content migrated to aaron.jorb.in

    I decided to consolidate my posts from my old blog and this one, so you may notice some old content here.  If you see anything odd, let me know. My homepage will remain at aaron.jorb.in.  I intend to create some more static pages there as well, but the regularly changing content will be here.

  • My current podcast subscriptions

    One thing that I like about commuting versus working from home is that it gives me a specific buffer period where I can transition between working and not working. I use this buffer period to listen to music and podcasts and tend to go in phases where one is dominant.  Right now, podcasts are dominating.  Here is […]

  • Gears! Gears! Gears!

    I bought my friend’s three-year-old son Gears! Gears! Gears! as a holiday present and he absolutely loved it. Within moments of unwrapping it, he was building machines. The surprising part was just how much and his mom and I loved it as well.  If you are looking for for a STEM toy for a three-year-old who you […]

  • Christmas Thang Music Video 

  • Top Played on Spotify for 2016

    If Lemonade had been on Spotify, I’m sure all of it would be near the top.  2016 is the year The Hills become my karaoke jam for a while and I discovered Justin Bieber.

  • Jaromir Jagr

    Jaromir Jagr

    Jaromir Jagr is alone at No. 2 on the career scoring list after an assist Thursday night against the visiting Bruins. He passed Mark Messier with his 1,888th point. Source: Jaromir Jagr passes Mark Messier for No. 2 on NHL points list 22 seasons into his NHL career, Jaromir Jagr now has the second most […]

  • A lesson from a fellow OSS maintainer: Why I took October off from OSS volunteering

    For some people, when they realize how me and all other project maintainers out there are treated, they are horrified (and I’m not exaggerating when I say all project maintainers; I have yet to meet a maintainer who doesn’t suffer this kind of abuse). Others, though, don’t quite get it, so I’ve tried to come […]

  • I am a designer

    I am a designer

    “Designer” is a label that I’ve struggled with for a number of years.  What does it mean to be a designer?  Have I earned the title?  If yes, what was it that I did.  If not, what do I need to do? Labels are always hard to apply, especially when it comes time to apply […]