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  • “I just sent you an email” is something you should never say. Either it’s urgent enough to just say something (in which case, why did you start with the email?), or it’s not urgent & you should let email do it’s job.

  • Sanford and Mumford and Sons

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bz4siki98c One of my favorite mashups of the last few years. Next week the annual Bootie mashup “Best of Bootie” mix should be coming up.  Looking forward to seeing what mashups make the cut.

  • Salary Negotiations

    One thing that we aren’t really taught in schools is how to negotiate a salary. This means that one side in a negotiation is almost better prepared. If a manager has 5 direct reports, they negotiate (at least) 5 salaries a year. An employee likely only negotiates one. It’s an imbalance of power. Employers also have […]

  • Heartbreak Emoji (pastel)

    Most emoji are really happy. This pastel piece explored the idea of a sadder emoji. One that personifies heartbreak.

  • My experience with the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II

    I volunteer every year running a collegiate Model United Nation conference. One of my responsibilities the past few years has involved taking photos. This year, I decided to rent a lens since I lacked both a good zoom and a good telephoto lens.  The Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II fit the bill and so I gave […]

  • “Time is something that cannot be bought”

    Outside of when I lived in Portland and worked the Trailblazer games, I’ve never been a huge basketball fan.  But no matter what my thoughts on the sport, I’ve always enjoyed watching any sport on TV.  Great broadcasters make it worthwhile.  They welcome you in and create an atmosphere that makes it possible to forget for […]

  • My favorite TED talk

    Joshua Prince-Ramus’s talk about the Central Library in Seattle and how it balances function and form is something that I think should be required viewing for anyone that works in design. I wonder if an architect speaking at a WordCamp would go over well. [ted id=49 lang=en]

  • Best New To Me Beer – 2016

    Best New To Me Beer – 2016

    The first time I drank my favorite new to me beer of 2016, I was visiting my friend Justin’s house and spent the evening tasting beers. On the train back into the city the next day I started looking online to find where I could get more.  I then went to 3 different beer stores […]

  • Best of Random Thoughts 2016

    Best of Random Thoughts 2016

    I like to publish my random thoughts on varius subjects.  I published 8 collections of them this year on a number of different subjects.  Here are my favorite ones from each of those 8. Thoughts on the PHP 5.6 support timeline We have to remember that the vast majority of end users and site owners don’t know […]

  • Video: The WordPress REST API Guide for Non-developers – Petya Raykovska

    We rarely talk about are the challenges presented by the REST API, especially for non-developers, mostly because the only people who talk about the REST API are developers. This talk  provides a short guide to the WordPress REST API from a non-developer perspective: what is it, how it will change WordPress development, combined with some […]