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  • Updates

    Yes, they do happen. I’ve changed some things around and all that jazz. I’ve updated the site and added a couple of pages to the portfolio section.ย  Expect more updates soon. What do you think of the changes?

  • Valls Photographic

    Valls Photographic

    I worked with Valls Photographic on two great sites. The first is Vallsphotographic.com/wordpress and it is Wedding and Wedding Photography blog. While I’m not getting married anytime soon, I’ve stayed subscribed to this blog for it’s great Photographs. I got this site back up and running after an SQL injection attack and upgraded it and […]

  • I Could Kill Her

    I Could Kill Her

    I Coul Kill Her is a blog about two best friends who seem a bit at odds with each other. It’s witty, interesting and funny. So far for them, I’ve: Moved the site from one hosting plan to another and changed it’s Domain Name. Maintained WordPress and Plugins. Increased Search engine optimization.

  • edge Of Belmont

    edge Of Belmont

    edge of Belmont is a restaurant in SE Portland serving eclectic cuisine. There site features multiple menus and an events calendar, both client controlled. In addition the event calendar automatically removes events after they’ve happened. The site was visually designed by Ben Vanderveen at plus two collective. Since the site launched I’ve helped maintain the […]

  • What you are looking at

    So as you may have noticed, this site is a work in progress. Expect changes. some subtle, others less so.

  • In the beginning..

    aaron created jorb.in. and life is good.