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  • Douglas Crockford could sue the White House

    Recently, the White House switched to using WordPress for whitehouse.gov. While doing so, they deployed the most recent version of WordPress. WordPress 4.9 includes a copy of CodeMirror for an improved experience when it comes to editing code. In order to provide linting of JavaScript ,CodeMirror uses JSHint.Ā  And this is where things get interesting.Ā  […]

  • Random Thoughts on…Six Months of Using Gutenberg

    Random Thoughts on…Six Months of Using Gutenberg

    It's been a little over six months since I wrote my first post in Gutenberg (and it was about Gutenberg). In that time, I've published 18 posts using Gutenberg. It still has ways to go before I think it's going to be great, but it's continuouslyĀ solving my needs on this site. When I originally posted […]

  • WordPress Core Committer Stats: 2017

    2017 is coming to a close, and unless someone commits something very soon, WordPress Core developmentĀ is at rest (since we have an API to do that now). This is the third year I've compiled these stats, see the 2016 committer statsĀ for some of the backgroundĀ information. I'm going to share the stats and then share my […]

  • My WCUS 2017 Watchlist

    I didn't make it to nearly as many WordCamp US Sessions as I would have liked. This year was packed full of quality talks.Ā  Rather than leave a bunch of tabs open, I'm going to list out all the talks I hope to watch here. There are more talks that still need to be uploaded, […]

  • Three Years as a WordPress Committer

    Three Years as a WordPress Committer

    Three years ago today, I changed three lines of code in WordPress and did it without someone else signing off.Ā  In fact, I didn't write the code that went into WordPress that day. I've not been a high volume committer in my three years ( I've made 283 total commits), but I have had the […]

  • Gutenberg and Publishers: unconference notes from WordCamp for Publishers

    At WordCamp for Publishers, I hosted an unconference session on "Gutenberg and Publishers". There were forty people overflowing a conference roomĀ who worked at agencies, publishers, universities, hosting companies, as freelance developers and writers, and one person who described theirĀ affiliation as "I left my backpack at the bar last night and lost my name badge, and […]

  • Random Thoughts on…WordPress?

    I wasn't sure how to title this one. I went to the WordPress NYC "Help Desk" meet-up on Wednesday and learned a lot about things users of WordPress are struggling with. Ā  So I guess in some ways it is random thoughts on me learning more. The biggest thing people struggle with is themes they […]

  • Gutenberg is far from done

    This is going to hopefully be a quick rant (famous last words). If you haven’t been following along, Gutenberg is a project to replace the editor in WordPress with something more modern. There have been 7 beta releases thus far, but in many ways, pieces are still in experimentation mode. The process has been open: […]

  • Akin’s Laws of Spacecraft Design Modified for Websites

    I have long been a believer that as creators and creatives working on websites, we can learn a lot of other fields. Ā One that I am constantly looking at for inspiration is spacecraft and astrophysics. Akin's Laws of Spacecraft DesignĀ are a collection of axioms collected and maintained by David Akin, a professor at the University […]

  • Mini Tracks for Technical Conferences

    Conference organizing comes with many challenges. Attendees are going to complain about the food. Someone is going to think "There aren't enough SEO/Security/Regular Expression/". Overall, you are not going to be able to make everyone happy. But one way to increase attendee hapiness and make sure people walk away with solid lessons is by curating […]