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  • Are Millennials Killing WordPress?

    Are Millennials Killing WordPress?

    No. And stop clicking on such ridiculous click-bait titles. Here is an advertisement as punishment.

  • A Few Use Cases I Would Like To See Solved In Gutenberg

    While I've used WordPress in many ways over the last nearly ten years, I primarily spend my time working on two publications: Scary Mommy and Cafe. "Big Media" publications have challenges and use cases that are different than standard WordPress sites. As Gutenberg continues to evolve, there are a number of use cases that I see […]

  • BRAD: Better Responsibility Around Discoverability

    BRAD: Better Responsibility Around Discoverability

    Last week, I saw a tweet that identified a challenge for the WordPress UI: https://twitter.com/williamsba/status/885520668154089472 I wasn’t alone in seeing this as an issue that was worth solving: https://twitter.com/norcross/status/885582016456130560 Knowing that plugins are best when they are built and supported by teams rather than individuals, Norcross and I started collaborating (though in the end, the […]

  • Birth of a Community

    Birth of a Community

    Seven years ago today, the First WordPress D.C. Meetup that was focused on a continuity of community took place. Tomorrow the first WordCampDC kicks off. It's been a heck of a journey.  I've been gone from the community for a few years.  I know the community has continued to evolve and grow, but for the […]

  • WordPress Serves Many Masters

    WordPress Serves Many Masters

    I have used WordPress in a number of different ways over the last (just shy of )10 years.  I got my start building a blog that my friends I and I wrotesatire on. We got a bit of a following (I remember the first time we hit 1000 views in a day on one article, […]

  • Random Thoughts on Gutenberg

    Gutenberg is being developed as the next generation WordPress editor. I made my first contribution earlier today. Nothing big, but something that will hopefully help people test it.  The contribution process was 💯, but for end users, that’s not the important thing. What is important is the actual editor. I’ve seen talk that Gutenberg is […]

  • A WordPress without Woman.

    A WordPress without Woman.

    If WordPress had no Woman contributors, 4.7 wouldn’t have had a release lead. If WordPress had no Woman contributors, The queue for plugin reviews would rarely be empty. If WordPress had no Woman contributors, many WordCamps would lack lead organizers, speaker wranglers and sponsor wranglers. If WordPress had no Woman contributors, most WordCamps never would […]

  • WordPress JSHint Adventure

    NOTE: I found this draft originally written on December 19, 2013.  Not sure why I decided it should remain unpublished, but I did and then like many drafts, I forgot about it.  So here it is. One of the features of WordPress 3.8 is something that users will never notice. In fact, it’s something that most […]

  • Emoji to show you are here

    I don’t know how it started, but sometime after WordPress switched to Slack in 2014 the norms for checking in to a dev chat switched to emoji.  Many people 👋, some use slack specific emoji like the bowtie, and others change it up on a regular basis. Like many traditions, this started completely organically and at […]

  • User Trust Matters now available in Japanese

    ユーザーとの信頼関係の重要性 – WordPress コミュニティにおける後方互換性という哲学 When I was summarizing my last month of daily posting, I mentioned a few ways I felt like my writing was having impact. I didn’t even consider that my work would inspire someone to translate what I wrote my writing into another language.  However, I was incredibly honored when Takayuki Miyauchi asked to […]