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In the absence of being able to visit musuems, I’ve been looking through art books. It’s not quite the same, but it does give me a chance to get to know an artist or an exhbit that I might not otherwise know.

Currently I’ve been reading a Jasper Johns book by Michael Crichton. Yes, the same person who wrote Jurrasic Park and many other popular novels also wrote about Jasper Johns. Originally made for a 1977 exhibition at the Whitney.

It’s a different experience than seeing the art live, but it has exposed me to multiple pieces that I didn’t know about and has given me a few interesting tidbits to research more. It’s not a substititue, but it is a compliment.

There is supposed to be a simultanius exhbition for Johns at The Whitney and Philedelphia Musuem of Art later this year, but who knows if it will take place.

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