Empire State of Mind

My life was incredibly different in July of 2010 when I moved to Washington DC. At that time, I had been a freelance web developer for a few years and had just begun contributing to WordPress (and open source in general). Three and half years later and I’ve contributed close to sixty patches to WordPress, worked on publisher tools that comScore ranked as #1 in distributed content, lead front-end design and development for a healthcare startup, ran a user group, and created an annual event that brings together hundreds of Open Source fans. It’s been a great journey, but now is time for my next adventure.

Early next month I’ll be moving up to New York City and taking on the role of Technical Architect at Conde Nast. I’m excited to be working with an incredibly talented team and also to be making the move into media and publishing. If you’re ever in NYC, make sure to look me up.



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