Four Short Things – 19. October 2023

Inspired by O’reilly’s Four Short Links, here are some of the things I’ve seen, read, or watched recently.

The featured image is based on the prompt A horizontal rectangular logo for a series called "Four Short Things" in a cartoon style used on Web Stable Diffusion.

Yes, you can measure Developer Productivity

Of course, a place that sells consulting on the basis that they can improve productivity is going to say you can measure productivity. While I disagree, it’s still good to look at what so-called “thought leaders” are peddling.

Abortion bans complicate medical training, risk worsening OB/GYN shortages

One of the side effects of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is that it is now harder for students to become doctors, especially OB/GYN doctors. The United States needs to legalize abortion everywhere and make it safe (and free) for everyone who wants one.

Convoy collapse: Read CEO’s memo detailing sudden shutdown of Seattle trucking startup

The “Uber for Trucking” shut down this week. The CEO noted “In short, we are in the middle of a massive freight recession and a contraction in the capital markets.” Being in a business that needs incredible scale to make money is hard since scale is never easy and for the most part takes time.

A Dazzling Art Collection, Hiding in Plain Sight

New York’s public hospital system has an incredible amount of public art. While I’m glad I haven’t needed to go to a hospital in a while, I do wish I had made an effort to see this art while I lived in NYC.



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