Freelance Availability

I’m taking on a few small freelance projects in the near future. I’m specifically looking to work on:

  • Education (I’ll come teach your team)
  • performance (Is your site slow?  I’ll help)
  • accessibility (How usable is your site for all users?)
  • scaling(Site crashing? I’ll help stop that)
  • workflow automation (Repetitive tasks are annoying.  I’ll help you make them less annoying)
  • testing (Automated Testing is important.  I’ll help you with it)
  • PHP7 compatibility (Make sure your code runs well on the latest version of PHP)
  • getting projects over the final hump (Launching is important.  I’ll help you do it)

You can use this contact form to get in touch.  As long as it’s active, I’m not completely booked.



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