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Hillary Clinton DNC Drinking Game


Thursday Night, Hillary Clinton will take the stage to accept the 2016 Democratic Party nomination to be President of the United States and give a speech that is shorter than Donald’s racist diatribe last week. Here is the drinking game I’ll be playing.  Make suggestions for additional rules in the comments.

1 Drink each time Hillary does or says

  • “Delete Your Account”
  • email
  • 3 a.m. phone call
  • responsible gun policy
  • Likens herself to the common man/woman
  • “Middle Class”
  • When she mentions an issue she has flipped positions on (N
    • Bonus drink if she mentions changing positions
  • “Deal me in”
  • “Woman’s Card”
  • “Vote your conscience”
    • Bonus drink if she mention’s Ted Cruz at the same time
  • She speaks in Spanish (Do a shot of Tequilla)
  • Build Bridges not Walls
  • “and let me tell you…”

2 Drinks each time Hillary does or says

  • Points out that Maine East is the greatest high school (Go Demons!)

Finish your drink each time Hillary does or says

  • Explains how to administer an email server.
  • Admits to pulling the trigger

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