One of my personal goals for 2020 is that I want to Make, View, and Buy more art. I’ve also long dreamed of owning an original piece by someone who’s work is in major museums. These two dreams collided when Jenny Holzer announced a limited edition piece to address the impeachment of Donald J Trump. While I’m not a skater, the idea of hanging a skateboard on my wall that was designed by an artist who’s work I’ve grown to love intrigued me.

New Years eve art. A 2020 goal: Make, View, Buy: Art

I knew this was limited addition, and was boarding an airplane when I saw it. I couldn’t wait, so as I sat waiting to taxi away from the gate, I pulled the trigger on my first piece of art by an artist who’s work is a part of the collection of MoMA, The Whitney, The Met, and many other places.

I have been a big fan of Jenny Holzer’s since first noticing a piece of her’s in MoMA’s “Gifts from Agnus Gund” show. Since then, I’m always excited to see bronze plaques on museum walls as I can only hope to find a truism or living text on it.

As soon as it arrived, I started thinking of where I should hang it. I decided to put it next to my door which is across from my bed. It sits above a piece of my own work. Now I can be reminded of it whenever I go to bed and whenever I leave my apartment.

When I originally set my goal for 2020, I assumed that it was going to be focusing mostly on local emerging artists. There is still a lot of opportunity for that (it’s only February). The fact that I now have an established artist in my collection is a pleasant surprise. Let’s see what other opportunities 2020 brings for art!



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