Marine Corps War Memorial

Yesterday was a nice day outside and I felt like going for a walk. I ended up wandering down to the Marine Corps War Memorial better known as the Iwo Jima Memorial and arrived just in time for some great lighting. I took five pictures that I think turned out really cool.

I used my tripod and remote clicker to get this really long exposure. I love the transparency of the flag from it blowing in the wind.

These six men planted the flag when the US took Iwo Jima. Not originally part of the island hopping strategy during WW2, Iwo Jima was added as a target when we retook the Philippines faster then expected.
All six men worked to drive the flag into the rocky terrain, however Ira Hayes didn’t have his hand on it during the moment that became most well known.
The view is slightly tarnished by all the roads, but if you ignore them you get to see three landmarks of Washington, DC.
The river visual approach into DCA is one of the prettiest landings. If you have a left window seat, you get to see The Mall, Capital, and White House. On the right you see Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon.

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