My Second Zine

finished my second zine and started sharing it. Overall, reactions have been pretty good and this was a lot of fun to make. I went to six different museums and found inspiration in each of them. This is a more classical zine, filled with images cut with an Exacto night, some hand lettering, and cut out text. I played with typography, trying to find one that I felt like fit the charachter of the space.

I did a few quick one-off zines as a way to learn this specific style (8 panels on 1 side of a printed page), but this was the first larger scale zine I made and folded by myself.

I’ve done a limited run of 20 that are all signed and numbered. I primarily gave these as gifts to my teammates, I’ve also been selling the other few for $2 each. I plan to place copies in some of Art Museums featured as well. I think it would be fun for people to find them and hopefully get a smile.

I’ve saved the original, and I think I might do a second printing if there is enough demand. I also am starting to understand why Basquit enjoyed the xerox machine so much.



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