One Year Ago Today I got on a train

I ran around in a blur most of December 5, 2014 finishing packing, shipping boxes and cleaning my home for three years.  It took longer then I expected (though I remember to this day having great customer from USPS) to finish all my tasks and as I sat in my Uber on my way to Union Station, I knew there was no way that I would make my train. The next train would mean sitting for two hours in Union Station.  I texted two friends who jumped at the chance to have one last beer.   At 7:50 I boarded the train and said good bye to Washington, DC.

One year later and I’m loving NYC.  Nine days after moving here I went on my first date with an amazing lady who is now the love of my life. One month later I found an apartment where I can step outside and see the freedom narwhal. I’ve been to Yankee Stadium, Grand Central Station and seen Amateur Night at the Apollo.  I ate Corn beef at Carnegie Deli and Disco Fries in Jersey.  Between museums and theatre, I’m never at a loss for culture.

I’m loving this concrete jungle where dreams are made up.  One year in and I can’t wait for the next year to start.



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