Random thoughts on one month of daily publishing

On December 9th I published Random Thoughts on Selecting Speakers for conferences. I didn’t realize it then, but I was on my way to a streak of daily publishing. Here are some random thoughts and stats about the experience:

  • Always Press Publish, which I thought was going to be a throwaway New Years Eve post ended up being my most read post. It started as some tweet advice, and I thought more about it as I went throughout the day before sitting down to write it out.
  • Some days I really struggled to find something to say, but once my streak got going, I felt I needed to keep it going.
  • I don’t think I said the word fuck enough over the last month, so I’m going to say fuck twice in this sentence.
  • I wonder about impact with my writing (shout out to Greg Linch). Seeing comments, retweets, snapchats, and most importantly pingbacks/trackbacks makes it worthwhile. Seeing Jeremy Felt press publish The Powers of Money and Community makes me feel like my writing had some impact on someone I respect a great deal.
  • I want to keep my streak going.  I also want for it to continue to feel natural.
  • Some of the posts are drafts that I’ve sat on for a while that always felt half finished. I still have 116 drafts and that number only got bigger over the last month.
  • Twitter brings in more traffic than anything else. I was impressed to see Facebook bringing in traffic even though I deleted my account before this streak started. I wish it wasn’t so much of a walled garden and I could see how it was being shared and what people had to say.
  • The post status API would likely need to not suck for that to really be possible.
  • After I did my collection of best of random thoughts 2016, I felt like I couldn’t do any more.  There were a few times that I think this format would have worked well and missed it since I boxed myself into the artificial corner.

So the big question is if I should keep the streak going.  I see no reason to end it now, but only time will tell.

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