Random Thoughts on…WordPress Annual Survey

I am currently taking the Annual WordPress Survey and encourage you to as well. Here are my random thoughts on the survey as I take it:

  • Why do you need my EXACT age? Are there so many 40-year-olds filling it out that we matter? (I guess if I am the only 40-year-old who fills it out, you can identify my answers)
  • ” Your current position or role.” doesn’t ask for my position or role, it asks for my level. Why isn’t “Freelancer” on this? Why isn’t “Retired” on it? Why isn’t there a free form for “other”?
  • Industry feels like one of those “Well, we have to ask this” questions rather than one that is genuinely about WordPress and the WordPress community.
  • How long have I used WordPress? why are you making me think rather than putting in ranges. I really don’t want to do Math (I’m guessing 16, but I could be wrong)
  • “Rank the importance of the following aspects of your website, plugin, theme, or style variation.” Seems like a great question to use if you want to use the results to show why you don’t prioritize Accessibility, Security, and other things that aren’t at the forefront of people’s minds.
  • “Aside from WordPress, which other tools do you regularly use for your online publishing needs? (Select all that apply)” Ignores the majority of the enterprise market completely.
  • “What’s the best thing about WordPress?” I wish “The License” was an option since the GPL is what I would consider to be the best part.
  • “In 2023, have you participated in any official WordPress project teams? If so, approximately how many hours do you contribute, on average, per week?” So Security isn’t an official team?
  • Despite there being questions related to diversity, there weren’t really questions aimed at figuring out if the responses are from a diverse group of people.



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