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  • First Thoughts: Twenty Twenty Three Theme

    In celebration of WordPress 6.1 Beta 1, I updated the sites theme here to use the still very much in development Twenty Twenty Three. I’m still experimenting with Full Site Editing but I think this process has gotten better in the last year. I do wish I had an All Terms block – A block […]

  • On With my Head! A return from Headless WordPress

    On With my Head! A return from Headless WordPress

    Last year I switched this domain from running a traditional WordPress site to running a headless WordPress site. I built the site with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and the WordPress REST API. I had it set up to pull data from three different WordPress sites, allowing me to keep an art journal, post my art, and […]

  • Thirty Two

    For the fifth time, I’m an integer power of 2. I don’t remember much (or anything) from when I was 2, but I’m sure I was excited to play with trains. I also don’t have many memories of being 4, but I know I attended the Niles Park District pre-school and owned pretty awesome linen […]

  • Constructing my new theme with Thematic

    EDIT: I’ve switched to a Twenty Ten Child Theme When I heard Ian Stewart’s announcement that he become an Automattician I figured it was a good idea to take a look at Thematic and see what it could do. I’ve mostly built my themes from scratch, but Thematic looked like it could streamline my work […]

  • In the beginning..

    aaron created jorb.in. and life is good.