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  • Four Short Things – 9 February 2019

    Inspired by O’reilly’s Four Short Links, here are some of the things I’ve seen, read, or watched recently. The Value of Good Design MoMA’s spring exhibition includes a show featuring everyday objects, the types that it’s feasible to find in our homes. Brooms, Rakes, Chairs, A Slinky. With an emphasis on work that appeared in […]

  • Why I love Captioning for Conferences

    Why I love Captioning for Conferences

    If #srccon was Happy Days, the transcribers would be the Fonz. Total breakout characters. All conferences should have them. — Aaron Jorbin (@aaronjorbin) July 26, 2014 I had been to conferences with live transcription before, but SRCCON 2014 was my first time seeing them at a mainstream conference. The transcription services even inspired a battle […]

  • The Year of the WordPress Accessibility Team – WerdsWords

    This year has seen a lot of positive change in the WordPress contributor community, especially in the area of accessibility. Take for instance, the appearance this year of two new faces on the credits screen as of WordPress 4.3: Source: The Year of the WordPress Accessibility Team – WerdsWords Drew is completely on target here. […]

  • WordPress › Let WordPress Speak: New in WordPress 4.2 « Make WordPress Accessible

    Photo By via http://public-domain.pictures/ WordPress 4.2 is shipping with a useful new JavaScript method: wp.a11y.speak(). This is a utility to make it easy for WordPress core to create consistent methods for providing live updates for JavaScript events to users of screen readers – with the side benefit that developers of plug-ins and themes can also […]

  • Color Is Based on Surrounding Color

    “The redness isn’t a property of the apple. It’s a property of the apple in combination with a particular lighting that’s on it and a particular observer looking at it.” via These X’s Are The Same Shade, So What Does That Say About Color? : Shots – Health News : NPR. Next to typography, color […]

  • Accessibility Tunnel Vision

    I need to see accessibility for what it is too. That means, like everything else on the Web, I need to embrace its fluidity. It can’t be perfect, but it can improve incrementally with each release. Better than before is always better than perfect. via Accessibility Tunnel Vision . David is on a roll with his […]

  • Review: Birth Junkies

    I recently read Birth Junkies: Labor Support and Resistance in American Birth which is available free in pdf form. Going in, I knew very little about doulas or birthing support outside of the recent american tradition of hospital based OB/GYN doctors. That changed right away as I worked through this ~100 page anthropological investigation. Much of […]

  • My Favorite Photo from WordCamp San Francisco 2014

    One of my favorite parts of WordCamp San Francisco was seeing Mel Choyce wearing a bow tie. It’s great seeing more and more people wearing bow ties, especially when they are incredibly talented members of the WordPress community.

  • Video Captioning

    I’ve given a couple of talks this year that I’m hesitant to promote since they don’t have captions.  After a lot of thought, I’ve realized that the likelihood of me doing the captioning is low (low, low, low, low, low) so it makes sense to hire someone.  Anyone have experience hiring a captioner or a […]

  • Bloggings effect on my site traffic

    Last week I was at WordCamp San Francisco and the accompanying community summit and team work days. Despite my constant focus on WordPress, I didn’t publish anything here. In the week leading up to WordCamp, I published six blog posts about a large variety of areas from a technical tip to a book recommendation. The […]