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  • twenty eight

    Inspired by Matt Mullenweg, I’ve decided that I should blog my birthday. Twenty Seven was a very good year.  It was a year with a lot of activity.  I moved cross-country from Portland to Washington, DC.  I got a job at clearspring working on AddThis. My coworkers are a group of brilliant and talented mother fuckers. […]

  • Barcamp News Innovation Philly Hackathon Project

    Part of Barcamp News Innovation Philly is an open data hackathon.  I wanted to do a live visualization of something and I wanted to use canvas.  What I did is create a “Paint thrown against the wall” visualization of tweets tagged #bcniphilly.  The color of the tweet is specific for the user, the size of the circle is […]

  • How You can give back to WordPress

    Recently I gave a presentation to the WordPress DC meetup group on ways to contribute to the WordPress community without writing a line of code. There were two parts to this presentation. I presented a list of nine ways to contribute and 18 reasons why people contribute. Plenty of posts point out the code contributions […]