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  • Big Data DC #3

    Two enterprise big data consulting companies presented about the architecture they use for processing and storing at the third Big Data DC meetup.  Much like the first and second meetups, the common thread seemed to be the decisions that the engineers made to optimize certain aspects over others. First up, Joey Echeverria who works for Cloudera, talking about using HBase […]

  • Other Plans

    Some people are claiming that there have been no alternatives to the Boehner debt plan proposed so how can President Obama even be talking about a compromise.  Of course, there are many other plans.  Here are three that I found in about 10 minutes of looking: Congressional Progressive Caucus Senate Budget Committee (majority) Budget Control […]

  • Masturbation: US Government Style

    So America owes foreigners about $4.5 trillion in debt. But America owes America $9.8 trillion. via Who owns America? Hint: It’s not China – Global Public Square – CNN.com Blogs.

  • This info graphic speaks to me

              Source:  I Love Charts – miscelletc: Doctor Venn by Loldwell Classic.. Hattip (Daryl)

  • I’m speaking at WordCamp San Francisco

    I will be presenting an as yet unnamed talk on Saturday about Javascript Unit Testing. This WordCamp already has a great lineup of folks, and I only hope that the presentations I am most interested in aren’t at the same time as my own. If you see me in San Francisco, make sure to say howdy!

  • What I read (and things that Laura Cochran should read)

    Recently at ONADC I got in a discussion with Laura Cochran about the news sources that I read and she suggested that I do a blog post about “Things that Laura Cochran should read”. I’ve done a post aimed at one person before and figured I might as well continue that. So here are the […]

  • Big Data DC meetup #2

    For the second time, a group of bright and talented developers gathered at clearspring to discuss Big Data.The first Big Data DC meetup had a great turnout. Rather then write up a summary, I decided to check out storify and build my first one for the meetup. Once again all of the talks were great. […]