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  • Thirty Six

    Thirty Six

    36 is the smallest square triangular number other than one. Its also the sum of the letters and the numerals, so its a pretty fun number. Let’s hope it’s a pretty fun year. 35 was a hard year, mostly because it’s the year my mom died. Frankly, the time leading up to and the time […]

  • Last Will and Testement

    This post is designed to serve as my final wishes when I end up #dead. It was last updated April 2019. My brother is hereby designated as responsible for fulfilling these wishes. HAHA, Sucker. Upon my death, I am to be cremated. My ashes should be thrown in the face of Mitch McConnell. If that […]

  • Thirty Five

    Thirty Five

    This is my fifth tetrahedral number birthday and me second consecutive semi-prime birthday. As a multiple of five, it’s also a “round number”. Thirty Four was a year that I continued my growth as an artist. I regularly painted, sketched, and played with colors and shapes. I’ve started experimenting with block printing, and set up […]

  • A week with a Chromebook

    I’m an idiot. View this post on Instagram Saturday, I would like a redo A post shared by Aaron Jorbin (@aaronjorbin) on Apr 7, 2018 at 11:23am PDT Not really, but I knocked my tripod into my laptop, busting the screen and logic board in the process. For the past ~2 years, I’ve been primarily […]

  • Thirty Four

    Thirty Four

    Today I’m still three years away from another prime birthday, but this is my ninth semiprime birthday and my ninth Fibonacci birthday.  That last Fibonacci birthday was a bit of a bigger deal though. I didn’t publish my post about thirty-three. I spent the day fairly exhausted after having my brother visit, and for a while when I […]

  • Aaron’s Rule for Better Meetings #6

    Aaron’s Rule for Better Meetings #6

    An addendum to my initial list of rules for better meetings. All Meetings where product decisions get made need to include a designer and an engineer. It’s important to provide multiple perspectives when making product decisions, and none of those decisions should be made without engineering and design having an opportunity to explain their perspective […]

  • Twenty Nine

    I blogged turning twenty eight last year, so I figured I should continue the trend and blog this, my twenty ninth birthday. Twenty eight was a good year.  I achieved some of the goals I had set out for myself, but not all.  I do feel as though it was a year of great professional […]

  • United Noshes DC – Cameroon Dinner

    Last night I went to United Noshes a series of dinner parties to benefit the World Food Program USA. At each United Noshes event, Jesse and Laura prepare the cuisine of a UN member nation. For country number thirty-one, Cameroon, they took the show on the road and cooked in DC. The food was interesting. […]

  • Grilling Pictures

    Spent the weekend grilling with some friends. While Nacin worked the grill I took some pictures. My macro lens allowed for some pretty cool shots. I really like how the fire turned out.

  • Tools I love: autolint and autojump

    I love tools that enable me to develop better and faster. Vim has been my editor of choice for about two years and thus I consider the command line to be my IDE. Two recent additions to my flow have been autojump and autolint. autojump Drew Stephens turned me on to autojump. It learns the […]