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  • Three life-improving tools for WordPress Plugin Development

    Three life-improving tools for WordPress Plugin Development

    While building the Post Format Block, I’ve set up a nice toolchain that I think every plugin developer would benefit from using. WordPress Plugin Development in 2021 has a lot more tools available than when I wrote my first plugin a dozen years ago. There are three that I found to be hugely life-improving while […]

  • Ten Commandments for Automated Testing

    Ten Commandments for Automated Testing

    Though Shalt Write Tests If you are not writing tests, none of the rest of these matter. You must always start somewhere, and getting some tests is better than not having any. Though Shalt Prove Bugs Exist With Tests Before Fixing Them A bug report is one of the best times to write a test. […]

  • WordPress JSHint Adventure

    NOTE: I found this draft originally written on December 19, 2013.  Not sure why I decided it should remain unpublished, but I did and then like many drafts, I forgot about it.  So here it is. One of the features of WordPress 3.8 is something that users will never notice. In fact, it’s something that most […]

  • Automating your front end development workflow

    We all have a workflow. In fact, we all have many of them. Human beings are creatures of habit. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman describes our use of intuition to remember the steps in our workflows and the order of our workflows. When we wake up, we get out of bed, […]