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  • Five lessons from Eight Years as a WordPress Core Committer

    Five lessons from Eight Years as a WordPress Core Committer

    Today marks eight years since I first committed to WordPress Core. Like many things, this feels like both yesterday and forever ago. Reflecting on this, I thought of five lessons I have learned from being a maintainer of what is now 43% of the internet. Have a bias toward action Learning when to move fast […]

  • WordCamp US First Contribution

    WordCamp US First Contribution

    A highlight of WordCamp US 2022 for me was helping Ramon Corrales make his first contribution to WordPress Core. It started with me having some errors doing an NPM install, calling out a bug in Slack as a good first bug, and Ramon stepping up to help: We had a couple of quick in-person conversations […]

  • An adventure with a super useless one-liner to find the most common words in WordPress commit messages

    I read some insight into Drupal committing and they had a chart of the most common words in drupal commit messages. I thought it would be interesting to do something like that with WordPress Core, so I through together a bash one-liner to find this. It’s not the most eloquent solution, but it answers the […]

  • Four Short Things – 23 February 2019

    Inspired by O’reilly’s Four Short Links, here are some of the things I’ve seen, read, or watched recently. Leukemia has won WordPress has allowed me the opportunity to meet hundreds of people first online and then offline, but Alex “Viper007Bond” was the first. When I first started getting involved in WordPress, I spent many late […]

  • Five Years of Contributing to WordPress Core

    Five years ago today, my first patch was accepted to WordPress core. Oh how the time has flown. This last year has been one of my most exciting years as a part of the WordPress contributor community. At the end of September, I was given commit access to WordPress Core. I was excited to join […]

  • Commit: The Story of Writing a WordPress Patch

    Hanging out in the #WordPress irc channel or on the wp-hackers mailing list, a question that comes up from time to time is “How do I get a bug patched”. I recently had a patch committed, so I thought I would detail the process from start to finish to help others get an idea of […]