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  • Getting started with Jest

    In the past, my automated testing for javascript was done in either QUnit if it was a browser app or Mocha if it was a node app. On a new project, I decided to kick the tires on Jest and thus far, I really like it. It did have a bit of a learning curve […]

  • Null Propagation Operator proposal for JavaScript

    At it’s January meeting, TC39 (essentially the standards body responsible for JavaScript) heard a proposal for some syntactical sugar that really excites me.  It’s called the Null Propagation operator and allows code that looks like const firstName = (message && message.body && message.body.user && message.body.user.firstName) || ‘default’; to become code that looks like const firstName […]

  • My One Icon

    My One Icon

    A few years ago, I needed an icon for something I was working on, so I opened up the noun project and started looking.  I couldn’t  find anything, so I set out to design my first icon.  What I came up with is my blood pressure icon. The best part isn’t the emails every few months […]

  • Automating your front end development workflow

    We all have a workflow. In fact, we all have many of them. Human beings are creatures of habit. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman describes our use of intuition to remember the steps in our workflows and the order of our workflows. When we wake up, we get out of bed, […]

  • You Better Know the Basics

    When you first start working with WordPress, you need to know that there are five languages you could be interacting with. You don’t need to be an expert at any of them (and in fact can want make amazing sites knowing none of them), but when you want to make a change to your theme or add […]