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  • The Situation in Mali

    The Situation in Mali continues with little end in sight. The already fractured conflict added another group this last week. The new group, which calls itself the Islamic Movement for the Azawad and is led by Alghabass Ag Intalla, a prominent leader of the Tuareg ethnic group, becomes at least the sixth group to be […]

  • Dark Tie on a colorful shirt

    Blue/black tie with multicolored shirt and a grey sweater

  • WordPress Meetups

    Last Saturday it was announced that I’ll be taking over leadership of WordPress Meetups.  I’m pretty pumped to be working with all of the meetup organizers throughout the world as they expand the knowledge and understanding of WordPress in a local community. Over the next week or two I’m going to be getting up to speed on […]

  • What I want to see in the Twenty Thirteen theme

    I’ve had the pleasure to contribute code to the last three default WordPress themes. All three have been great themes in my opinion, and all three have tried to tackle a different problem. All three have also served to help educate and inform theme developers of new, different and awesome ways to do things. TwentyTen […]

  • Double Sided Tie: Colors of my Jr. High

    Blue and Gold double sided bow tie tied blue across, gold in the center on a gold shirt with a blue sweater My junior high’s colors were Blue and Gold.  Today’s tie/shirt/sweater combo would have worked great back then for when we dressed up for wrestling meets.  

  • Green and Gold, Bow and Shirt

    In honor of my Alma Mater. Green Shirt, Yellow Bowtie, camel coat and green square in the pocket. Should of been a Wild Cat. OOH, AH!

  • Today’s Bow tie

    Blue with black bowtie on white with blue/green shirt and a green sweater.

  • Today’s Bow Tie

  • The WordPress RPG

    [View the story “The WordPress RPG” on Storify] The WordPress RPG Someone wanting to create an absurdly large WordPress plugin inspired Mika and I to image that it might in fact be a WordPress RPG or MMORPG. Here is the plot we’ve come up with thus far. Storified by Aaron Jorbin· Sun, Dec 23 2012 […]

  • 10 Best Songs of 2012

    2012 was a great year for music. There were a number of songs that stood out, but I’ve narrowed my list of favorites down to ten. There are songs that I first discovered in 2012 such as Back it Up and Dump it by Cali Swag District and At The House by People Under the […]