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  • My November in WordPress

    My November in WordPress

    Since I’ve started accepting sponsors for my contributions to WordPress, I wanted to add some transparency to what I have done in WordPress. While nearly all the work I do is in public and on my WordPress profile, this roundup is designed to be an at-a-glance look. The biggest thing I did this month was…

  • Four Short Things – 29 November 2023

    Four Short Things – 29 November 2023

    The featured image is based on the prompt A horizontal rectangular logo for a series called “Four Short Things” in a cartoon style used on Firefly and then modified in Express to actually use the correct text. 3,000 CONTRIBUTORS CURL is one of those pieces of software that is used nearly everywhere and is easy to overlook.…

  • Now accepting Github Sponsors to support my WordPress contributions

    Now accepting Github Sponsors to support my WordPress contributions

    I just made the decision to start using GitHub Sponsors with the idea of trying to support my contributions to WordPress. While I am still looking for my next full-time position, I’ve been enjoying contributing to WordPress and wanted to see if the community would support those contributions. Some of what I hope to be…

  • #WPTest in DCresults

    Today the WordPress DC group met for a couple of hours of testing WordPress 3.1. Andrew Nacin, John P Bloch, Thad Allender, Ben Balter, Alex Byers, Anthony Braddy and I spent a couple of hours, finding, fixing WordPress. Nacin also demonstrated the development version of the Debug Bar which is going to be a great…

  • John Stewart at his finest

    I always love when John Stewart points out the ridiculousness of cable tv news. Here he is at one of his finest moments: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The Daily Show on Facebook

  • Post Formats

    Last night I did a quick presentation on post formats. You can check out the slides for more information about them. The last slide has links to some great articles that should cover everything you need to know about this great feature coming in WordPress 3.1.

  • Pet

    I can have pets in my current apartment. I don’t think I have the time to house train a dog, so I’m thinking about something else. Perhaps a pygmy goat? Anyone have a good idea for a pet?

  • Designing for the world: Color contrast tools

    The other day I put a call out for tools to check websites to make sure they are accessible for people with color deficiencies and got back some great responses that I thought I would share. Please note, that I am using the term color deficiency here, rather than color blindness. It’s not meant to…

  • AddThis Blog » Blog Archive » Using HTML 5 to Make the Analytics Charts

    I wrote a post today on the AddThis blog describing how we made the new analytics mobile friendly by getting rid of flash and using HTML5 canvas, JavaScript, google charts api and css for all of our charts: All in all, our charts went from being a clunky, heavy, flash-based monstrosity to being light weight…