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  • __DIR__ vs dirname( __FILE__ )

    __DIR__ vs dirname( __FILE__ )

    Calling a constant should always be faster than a function call, right? PHP contains two different ways to get the directory that a file is currently in. __DIR__ is a magic constant added to PHP in 5.3. The official PHP documentation specifically states: “This is equivalent to dirname(__FILE__).” Equivalent in return doesn’t necessarily mean equivalent in […]

  • Four Short Things – 9 February 2019

    Inspired by O’reilly’s Four Short Links, here are some of the things I’ve seen, read, or watched recently. The Value of Good Design MoMA’s spring exhibition includes a show featuring everyday objects, the types that it’s feasible to find in our homes. Brooms, Rakes, Chairs, A Slinky. With an emphasis on work that appeared in […]

  • Fall Conferences – PHP Madison and WordCamp NYC

    Today I get to announce two conferences that I’m speaking at this fall. The first is here in NYC and is the 2015 WordCamp NYC.  I’ll be giving a talk entitled: Lessons from Science Fiction and Fantasy we can use in Creating Websites.  Here is a short synopsis. Science Fiction and Fantasy can teach web […]

  • Following up on WordPress in a Next Generation PHP World

    In April, just as WordPress 4.3 was beginning development, I started a conversation about WordPress, PHP7, and HHVM. Now that WordPress 4.3 has been released, I’m glad to say WordPress is looking great as far as PHP7 goes. I’m planning on spending some time during the 4.3 development cycle focused on these next generation platforms. The PHP […]

  • Automattic/mongoose

    Important! If you opened a separate connection using mongoose.createConnection() but attempt to access the model through mongoose.model(‘ModelName’) it will not work as expected since it is not hooked up to an active db connection. In this case access your model through the connection you created: Source: Automattic/mongoose   I got bit by this in Mongoose […]

  • “Was the Civil War fought over slavery?”: Here’s the video to show idiots who think the answer is “No” – Salon.com

    The next time an annoying friend or relative attempts to argue that the Civil War was fought over anything other than slavery, here’s the definitive response delivered by Colonel Ty Seidule, a Professor of History at the United States Military Academy at West Point: Source: “Was the Civil War fought over slavery?”: Here’s the video […]

  • Fed Tells Room Full of Hackers to Hack His Phone, Drinks Whiskey | Motherboard

    The goons came to fulfill one of Def Con’s longest tradition. If it’s your first time speaking at Def Con, you have to take a shot of whiskey. Source: Fed Tells Room Full of Hackers to Hack His Phone, Drinks Whiskey | Motherboard This looks like a pretty cool tradition for a conference. Maybe I […]

  • KOPB

    I’ve lived in cities with some amazing NPR affiliates.  While WBEZ will always be my first, KOPB is the one that I’ve enjoyed the most.  Working from home today, I’m really excited to hear Think Out Loud for the first time in a while.

  • Rudy’s

  • Today’s Jam

    My friend Helen turned me on to Nicki Manaj.  I’ve really enjoying all of The Pinkprint, but this is the first song that really stuck with me. Kind of reminds me of classic “Do you know how amazing I am” raps like Forget About Dre.